Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gaol 'Facebook' Future - New Communications

It is reasonable to assume that as Colonial Architect, Mortimer Lewis sat at his drafting board, working on the design for Maitland Gaol in the early 19th Century he could never have imagined the advancements in technology which would take place over the following 180 yrs. The first prisoners were transported by barge up the Hunter River to the port at Morpeth and then marched to the newly appointed prison on New Years Eve 1848. At various times prisoners were moved to and from the gaol by train and van and finally by armoured transport vehicles. Similarly, modes of communication with the gaol have evolved from hand written letters and telegrams to telephone, fax and in most recent times the internet and email. It is hard to believe the evolution in communication which has developed since the turn of the 21st century such as Facebook, Twitter, blogging and even many of the mobile technologies of today were only just being thought about when the Gaol closed only 11 years ago.

Maitland Gaol has had a web address for a number of years, and recently developed this blog to present the history of the Gaol to the wider community, however, in a move designed to allow more direct interaction between the heritage listed site and the greater global community, gaol staff have developed a Facebook page containing news and information about the gaol, including upcoming tours and events. Members of the public can share photographs and stories and take advantage of exclusive deals.

To celebrate the creation of the Maitland Gaol Facebook page, staff are offering “fans” the opportunity to win a double pass to a gaol tour of their choice by submitting photographs they have taken while visiting the site. Becoming a “fan” is easy. Simply create a Facebook profile, search “Maitland Gaol” and register. Then upload a maximum of 2 photos featuring the gaol. Professional and amateur snappers are welcome to enter the competition and the winner will be notified via the web page by April 30th. Photographs will be available for viewing on the Facebook page.

Attached Photo: Ex-officers, ex-inmates, family & friends take part in a research forum. (Photographer: Maitland Gaol staff member)

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  1. I am very please to find this blog the history of gaols interests me and as someone from Newcastle Maitland Gaol is like the local goal.....